Helping to create people with values

  • Our aim is become a point of reference for educators and Basque families in the mission of creating people with values.
  • As Christian humanists we collaborate so that children and young people can develop the skills needed for Basque society in the twenty-first century.
  • We experience education and the Basque language as part of our commitment to innovation in Basque society.
  • We collaborate with you in your day-to-day work so that your pupils can acquire the skills established in the Basque educational curriculum.
  • We help your children to develop their imagination through reading.
  • Thanks to our members and collaborators, we have been able to undertake major projects and enrich our knowledge.

As a consequence, we have grown since 1990 to the point where we are among the leaders in the Basque publishing market with around 12% of the market share for both school texts and in children’s and young people’s literature. In these 20 years we have brought out 2,500 titles. Our team has 32 people who are specialists in the creation of educational content, in sales and marketing, and in the distribution of books. We have our own logistics centre.